The Blockverse manifesto

The metaverse exists only if it is accessible to everyone everytime.

Imagine a fully explorable and editable world linked to real places on the Earth. Imagine enter this world using your phone in Augmented Reality, in Virtual Reality throught headsets or by using augmented reality glasses. Fully cross-platform!
Imagine virtual travelling to a place and meeting real people that live there. Imagine building persistent geolocated structures around the world and letting other people contribute or just visiting it.
Imagine virtual climbing a mountain and find a message a real climber leaved there for you.
Imagine building an house and meet there friends or collegues independent from the platform they're going to use to access the blockverse.
Imagine playing your favorite game from your living room joining friends in the park.
This is what BlockVerseXR wants to do: build with you a big, connected, world day after day, brick after brick.


 And after a looooong review process here we go! BLOCKVERSE has been released on the APPLAB store. Grab your copy here  https://www.oculus.c...